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A Mom After God’s Own Heart
A Woman After God’s Own Heart
A Young Woman’s Guide to Making Right Choices
A Young Man’s Guide to Making Right Choices: Your Life God’s Way


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  • From Jim’s Heart—A Dad’s Look of Love
  • From Jim’s Heart—A Dad’s Look of Love
  • From Jim’s Heart—A Dad’s Look of Love
  • From Jim’s Heart—A Dad’s Look of Love
  • From Jim’s Heart—A Dad’s Look of Love
  • From Jim’s Heart—A Dad’s Look of Love
  • From Jim’s Heart—A Dad’s Look of Love
  • From Jim’s Heart—A Dad’s Look of Love

From Jim’s Heart—A Dad’s Look of Love

What does an overflowing love look like in real life? From the first moment you know a baby is on the way, all your thoughts, dreams, prayers, and goals should be focused toward that little one. You should be completely consumed with understanding what it means to be a dad, and specifically, a dad after God’s own heart.

Your love for that anticipated child should start with helping your wife begin to prepare physically for the baby’s arrival by making sure she takes care of her health. A healthy mom is more likely to have a healthy baby. It also means helping your wife set up a nursery area—especially those things that require Dad’s “special touch” like painting, remodeling a room, and assembling a crib, chest of drawers, and a changing table.

Then, as dad and leader of your growing family, your love looks to the financial needs of those in your home. This is a good time to sit down with your wife and discuss the future. If she’s working, does she want or need to continue working? Do you need to get a second job? Take on additional shifts? Work some overtime? In relation to your wife’s job, what arrangements need to be made for her departure or leave of absence?

God’s first assignment to every dad is to love Him supremely. When you do, you will be much further down the road to being the kind of dad who, by God’s grace, will seek to raise children after God’s own heart. When all of you—your heart, your soul, your mind, and your strength—is centered on God, your love will overflow to your family, and your heart’s desire will be to teach your children to love and follow Him too.

A Special Time

Why not plan a special night for your family? If you’re not married, get friends together. Give everyone plenty of notice, especially if teens are involved. When the time comes around, prepare a festive meal, go out to dinner, or order pizza!

Later, gather around and have everyone share what they’ve done in the past three months that was fun and meaningful. Encourage each person to share a goal or dream…and be supportive. Dreams aren’t always based on current reality. Talk about the childhood antics of the kids, how you and your husband grew up, met, and married, what your parents did, where your grandparents lived. Share your faith experiences…and let others share theirs. End your time together by drawing each other’s names out of a hat and committing to doing two nice things for that person during the week.

Lord, You’ve given me a wonderful family and awesome friends. I delight in being with these people You’ve given me to cherish…and I especially delight in You. Amen.