A Girl’s Guide to Making Really Good Choices

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“I gave A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart to my 13-year old daughter and she loved it. She used the book as a devotional and has written in it — notes from her studies and notes to herself — those little light bulbs that have gone off. We’ve seen her changing and growing. And, the beauty we see on the inside is seeping through to the outside. I recommend this book to anyone who has pre-teen and teenage daughters.”

L. Hardwick in AR

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A Girl’s Guide to Making Really Good Choices

A Girl's Guide to Making Really Good Choices

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Every girl is a beautiful creation, uniquely equipped by God to do His work in the world. But as girls are growing, changing, and making choices about the kinds of lives they will lead, they are bombarded with conflicting messages about what it means to be a woman. The media says one thing, boys say another, and friends seem obsessed with whatever is newest and coolest. As a result, girls too often hand their decisions over to those least qualified to make them.

Into the breach steps Elizabeth George, bestselling author and beloved Bible teacher. With wisdom, gentleness, and tremendous grace, she guides tween girls ages 8 to 12 through the most challenging decisions they face, teaching them to let God–not the world–define who they are. Discussing such topics as attitude, friendships, crushes, parents, school, and avoiding bad situations, Elizabeth helps girls see that the very best choice of all is a choice to live within God’s will.

Perfect for individuals, small groups, and mentoring.