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eBook Sale

We are excited to let you know about an upcoming eBook promotion for seven of Jim and Elizabeth’s books! For the whole month of July, these books will be available at a special sale price of $2.99 through most eBook retailers!

Embracing God’s Grace: Colossians/Philemon – $2.99

Embracing God’s Grace from Elizabeth George focuses on Colossians and Philemon. This bible study is designed to help strengthen your faith by discovering more about God and His principles. See more.


Experiencing God’s Peace: Philippians – $2.99

This bible study focuses on the book of Philippians. Elizabeth George helps you understand how to sense God’s perfect peace in every circumstance in your life. Her teaching will help you discover how to – respond to the needs of others, mature in Christ, and overcome anxiety. See more.


Pursuing Godliness: 1 Timothy – $2.99

What does living a godly life mean today? Delving into 1 Timothy, Elizabeth George shares how women can deepen their Christian walk, paying special attention to focus, heart attitudes, and behavior. See more.


Putting On a Gentle And Quiet Spirit: 1 Peter – $2.99

Elizabeth George takes you through a thought-provoking study of Peter’s teachings on handling trials and persecutions, including suffering for doing good, understanding the mysteries of God, and fanning the flame of faith. See more.


Understanding Your Blessings in Christ: Ephesians – $2.99

Elizabeth George explores the book of Ephesians in this engaging Bible study series. What spiritual riches does every believer possess as a child of God? And how can women make use of those resources in their lives? See more.


Living with Passion and Purpose: Luke – $2.99

Elizabeth George’s Living Life with Passion and Purpose focuses on Jesus’ teachings and the principles He lived by. This study of the book of Luke helps women know Him more intimately. Elizabeth will help you explore New Testament women who knew and ministered to Jesus, the powerful prayer life of Jesus, the servanthood practiced by Jesus, and the prophecies regarding Jesus and how He fulfilled them. See more.


Growing in Wisdom And Faith: James – $2.99

Where can women get the wisdom that will help them make the right choices in the many decisions of life? How can they develop a faith that won’t waver or crumble when they’re overwhelmed by life’s trials and temptations? See more.