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A Mom After God's Own Heart


A Wife After God’s Own Heart is an excellent book for the newly married woman — but helpful also for those wives who have been married long enough to realize that marriage is hard work — life is not all romance and flowers! Elizabeth George gives practical tips for making your marriage better.”

Barbara S. in CA

Radio for Your Heart

Listen below to special radio segments or click here to listen to Elizabeth’s latest show on One Place.

Mother’s Day

Have a Great Day! {A Woman’s Daily Walk with God}

Download “Have a Great Day!” (MP3)

10 Ways to Love Your Children

Download “10 Ways to Love Your Children” (MP3)

A Bell Sheep Mom

Download “A Bell Sheep Mom” (MP3)

A Mother’s Day Quilt

Download “A Mother’s Day Quilt” (MP3)

Mom in 3D

Download “Mom in 3D” (MP3)

Father’s Day

A Gift for Dad

Download “A Gift for Dad” (MP3)

July 4th

A Woman of Noble Character

Download “A Woman of Noble Character” (MP3)

Labor Day

Labor Day Integrity Special

Download “Labor Day Integrity Special” (MP3)



Download “Gratitude” (MP3)


Alone for the Holidays

Download “Alone for the Holidays” (MP3)

An Old Fashion Christmas

Download “An Old Fashion Christmas” (MP3)

Holiday Survival Kit

Download “Holiday Survival Kit” (MP3)

What’s a Mom to Do

Download “What’s a Mom to Do” (MP3)

Valentine’s Day

Jesus: A Model of Love

Download “Jesus: A Model of Love” (MP3)

Love Never Fails

Download “Love Never Fails” (MP3)