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Speaking Topics for Elizabeth

Below are the messages available from Elizabeth. If you are interested in booking her for an event, please use this Booking Request Contact Form.

Becoming a Woman After God’s Own Heart

Elizabeth’s first love is sharing the story of her own beginnings as a child of God at age 28, and God’s amazing work in her life. And her second passion is encouraging women of all ages to set the Lord first in her heart. In her messages drawn from her bestselling book, A Woman After God’s Own Heart, Elizabeth will inspire you and, using her trademark “Yes, But How?” instruction, show you how to:

  • Move forward in every circumstance with the confidence.
  • Simplify your life by focusing on God’s priorities for you as a woman.
  • Bask in God’s peace as you leave your problems at His throne of grace.
  • Overcome fear, worry, and anxiety by drawing strength from the Lord.

Choose from 1, 2, or 3 messages with titles including: Soaring with the Eagles (Elizabeth’s personal testimony, Isaiah 40:28-31), Tapping into God’s Power (Luke 18:1), and Making Good, Better, Best Choices (Acts 13:22).

What in the World Are You Thinking?

Most women find themselves dwelling daily on failure, unkindness, disappointment, and negative events in their past. Elizabeth participated in all of the above…and more! That is, until God stepped in with direction from His Word, in essence, saying, “What in the world are you thinking? Think on these things!” In this presentation from her bestselling book, Loving God with All Your Mind, Elizabeth shares how using the truths of Scripture and thinking on key promises from God enabled her to exchange doubt, discouragement, and fear for an energetic faith and joy. The truths Elizabeth share in these messages have helped thousands of women to:

  • Realize God is in charge and knows everything you are facing.
  • Draw close to God and embrace His grace and love in your life.
  • Live one day at a time without worry or anxiety about the past, present, or the future.
  • Reach forward…rather than remaining imprisoned in the past.
  • Create a plan for living daily in an unchanging, on-going situation.

Choose from 1, 2, 3, or 4 messages with titles including: Thinking on the Truth (Philippians 4:8), Winning Over Worry (Matthew 6:34), Trusting in the Lord (Romans 8:28), and Responding to Life’s Turning Points (Romans 11:33).

God’s Can’t-Fail Beauty Treatment – Proverbs 31 from A to Z

In this three-part presentation, Elizabeth takes you on a journey through Proverbs 31:10-31. Known as the “Yes, But How” Bible teacher, Elizabeth will guide you through these popular verses. You’ll love God’s portrait of “His Ideal Woman” and appreciate how He defines beauty. In these 22 verses spotlighting 22 character qualities, God reveals His plan for your success. Insightful and practical, Elizabeth shows you surefire ways you can:

  • Manage your time more effectively and delight in what God accomplishes through you
  • Make key decisions that energize your progress toward your goals
  • Nurture the relationships that count and reap the rewards
  • Discover your true beauty in the eyes of God and how precious you are to Him

The Heart of a Woman Who Prays

Whether you’re a new believer in Christ or a long-time follower, every Christian often wonders, “How can I be more effective in my prayer life? How can I enjoy my prayer time?” When it comes to talking with God about people and life-issues, there’s always room for growth. In this practical three-message series, you will explore the blessings of prayer available to Christian women at all stages of faith. With Scripture, examples, personal illustrations, and, practical advice, Elizabeth provides inspiration, motivation, and step-by-step guidance to help you through prayer to:

  • Stabilize your emotions and set aside worry when life feels unstable.
  • Apply God’s promises to your problems and count on His provision through hard times.
  • Talk to God about family and friends and gain wisdom for relationship issues.
  • Discover and carry out God’s plan for your day…and your dreams.

Soaring with the Eagles

You probably recognize the phrase “soaring with the eagles” as a popular saying, song, or a verse from the Bible. But Elizabeth actually lives among the eagles in Washington! Drawing from her daily sightings of “her own personal eagle,” her research on eagles, and from Bible passages, such as Isaiah 40:28-31, Elizabeth passes on spiritual life principles and practices that will inspire you to:

  • Set your sights daily on God and His provision of all that you need.
  • Rely on God’s strength to make it through you hectic — or lonely — days.
  • Search the Scriptures daily for the spiritual food needed to manage your day’s demands.
  • Know that, with God’s powerful enablement, you can rise above every difficulty, sorrow, and life circumstance.

Calling All Moms—10 Ways to Love and Train Those Crazy Kids of Yours

When Elizabeth was asked to give a 10-minute devotional at a baby shower for one of her daughters, she briefly shared 10 principles for helping moms make God an everyday part of their children’s lives. Out of that small gathering came this “pep talk” — and ultimately her bestseller book, A Mom After God’s Own Heart. Drawing on her experience as a mom of two grown daughters, and from teaching in a pre-school, a middle school, and a high school, Elizabeth reminds her audience that, of all the vocations in the world, being a Christian mom is a high calling from God. And there’s no doubt, being a mom is also an exciting adventure as moms love and train their kids for Christ and prepare them for life. Whether your children are tiny or teens, Elizabeth will help you to:

  • Turn up the heat of your heart for God and own His assignment to you as a mom.
  • Teach your children God’s Word and what it means to walk in His ways.
  • Train your kids by setting goals, boundaries, and activities that point them toward God.
  • Talk openly and often with your children about Jesus and how to know Him.
  • Take — and make — time to pray for and with your little or big darlings.

If you are interested in booking Elizabeth for an event, please use this Booking Request Contact Form.